ABC – Walking Soccer (DP)

Kate Lee
April 3, 2024
June 26, 2024
02:45 PM
03:45 PM
Douglas Park Community Centre - Gymnasium
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Walking Soccer – a variation on traditional soccer aimed at keeping people playing and involved with soccer. All abilities welcome and great for those with lack of mobility or for other reasons they are unable to play. ABC plays indoors at Douglas Park but it can also be played outdoors.ALL BODIES COMMUNITY RECREATION AND FITNESSWe are an inclusive, choice – based, community-anchored, health and wellness program welcoming all abilities, genders, ages, shapes, and sizes.Our workouts are never meant to be punishing, we offer scalable easy to follow exercises designed to help you develop confidence and a foundation for health, fitness, or performance. We teach skills and movements transferable to the “gym” and other activities. Our Learn to Play Sports are for folks wanting to return to or try a sport for the first time. To participate use an ABC Drop in. an ABC 10 pass usages card or purchase an ABC Flexipass which includes access to all the ABC group activities and the Vancouver Park Board’s pools, ice rinks and fitness centres) To help us track attendance please register on the master roster. LAC discount is applicable.For more information contact Kate Lee

Kate Lee
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