Active Jazz Funk, Hip Hop, Dance, Stretch and Strength

April 13, 2024
June 8, 2024
01:45 PM
02:45 PM
Douglas Lounge at *Douglas Park Community Centre
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Come dance to hip hop music for cardio training! Then through proper breathing, strengthening, and stretching, students will have a better understanding of their bodies and develop proper muscle memory. Having learned the proper techniques, our goal is for the student to have better physical awareness, stronger core muscles, increase flexibility and stand tall with confidence. Maybe you’ll even achieve your splits and back bends in this class! Meet friends, have fun, and rise to a new challenge. Embrace teamwork while supporting classmates, have fun, and rise to a new challenge! No previous experience required; content is accessible and adapted to the learner’s level. Learned skills showcasing will be announced throughout the course. We recommend taking our other dance class before/after to enhance your learned skills and create a longer afternoon experience. Dress: dry indoor shoes with non-marking soles preferred (especially during rain/snow season), comfortable sports / loose / baggy clothing & face covering (as needed). Bring your water bottle and sufficient nut free snacks to fuel your student for an energetic workout! Class curriculum will be different between same-subject sessions throughout the year; we welcome repeat students at our classes! We aim to have more than one teacher present for each class, especially for classes with more than 10-12 students. Find us on FB/IG @illumastudio.

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