Babies Only Music Together with Joan

Katherine Deane
April 11, 2024
June 13, 2024
11:30 AM
12:15 PM
Douglas Lounge at *Douglas Park Community Centre
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Babies love music but did you know they are also a natural music-makers? There is a lot you can do to nurture your new little musician?even if you don?t think of yourself as a ?musical? person. Making music together from the very beginning will lead to a lifetime of shared musical enjoyment for both you and your child. Music Together® Babies Only will start you on the path to becoming a musical family and is specifically designed for infants eight months and younger. This one-semester introduction to Music Together allows babies to embrace, enjoy, and express their inborn musicality while you sing, dance, and play with your child. Parent participation required. Twin siblings attend at a reduced tuition rate. $58 Music Together Licensing fee is non-refundable after first class.

Katherine Deane
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