Dog Obedience – Adolescent Antics

DOGSmart Training
May 27, 2024
June 24, 2024
06:30 PM
07:30 PM
Douglas Lounge at *Douglas Park Community Centre
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Your dog changes from puppy to adulthood via adolescence. This change happens anywhere from 6 months and ends as late as 24 months. During this time there are dramatic hormonal changes and reorganization of the brain. Adolescent dogs have lots of energy and low impulse control when they play, explore and interact both with dogs and humans. This class helps strengthen the human relationship with their teenage canine companion. Duration of behaviours are taught through the definition of and practice of criteria. Topics covered include: luring, capturing and shaping behaviours, settle vs down vs calm, relax around the environment, tiredness vs overstimulating. Prerequisite: Your dog must be over 6 months of age and have been introduced to basic obedience skills.Please equip your dog with a flat buckle collar, front buckle harness, or head-halter for all classes. All other types of collars including pinch, choke, martingale, and shock collars, as well as retractable leashes are not permitted. No fearful dogs. No aggressive dogs towards other dogs or people.

DOGSmart Training
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