Dog Obedience -Beginner Life Skills (dogs 24 weeks+)

DOGSmart Training
January 8, 2024
February 12, 2024
07:40 PM
08:40 PM
Douglas Lounge at *Douglas Park Community Centre
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The focus of beginner training is to learn everyday basic life skill exercises such as sit, stay, down, come when called, and proper leash handling methods while incorporating varying degrees of distractions. This means that the dog must learn to pay attention to you under many situations. We use food, praise and play along with scientific learning principles to teach your dog how to achieve these goals. Teaching your dog to respond to various hand and voice signals will make life easier for you, your guests, the veterinarian and others. Each course is 6 weeks long. Each course consists of 6 one hour classes at the same day and time that you have selected unless otherwise noted. Registration closes after the second session. Prerequisite: Your dog must be over 5 1/2 months of age in order to register and attend this course. No choke chains, martingales or pinch collars. Bring food, a mat and a chew for your dog to eat while it is resting.

DOGSmart Training
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