Dog Obedience – Walk This Way

DOGSmart Training
April 8, 2024
May 13, 2024
07:40 PM
08:40 PM
Douglas Lounge at *Douglas Park Community Centre
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Dogs pull forward, zigzag sides or sometimes lag to get to where they want. This can be a natural behaviour for dogs but it also makes walks challenging. Loose leash walking is a difficult skill for most dogs and it requires patience, planning, and persistence. In this class we?ll teach you some unique ways to teach your dog how to walk calmly beside you all in a fun and friendly environment. This class is all about force free training and helping your dog find their walking groove! This will be an indoor and outdoor class. *Important Note: Note: No new registrations after week 1Pre-requisite – Completion of a Puppy SmartStart or Beginner Life Skills program or equivalent in order to register and attend this course.Please equip your dog with a flat buckle collar, front buckle harness, or head-halter for all classes. All other types of collars including pinch, choke, martingale and shock collars, as well as retractable-leashes are not permitted.

DOGSmart Training
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