Flow Yoga and Body Rolling

Jennifer Rowbotham
April 4, 2024
June 20, 2024
07:30 PM
09:00 PM
Offsite at the Tapestry Community Room: 2821 Heather St
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This yoga combines breath and yoga postures (asanas) so the practitioner becomes aware of their body, breath and mind. The class involves breath work (pranayama), hatha yoga (postures held for extended periods of time), flow sequences (moving through various yoga postures in dynamic stretching), body rolling, and relaxation to end the class. Learn where you hold tension and emotion, and how to breathe to focus your concentration and calm the body and mind. Body rolling helps release tension in the muscles and increases flexibility.Please Note: Body rolling balls may be purchased through the instructor for $52.64-$56.00. Contact jarowbotham@shaw.ca. If trying a class for the first time, students may borrow a ball from the instructor. Classes held at the Tapestry Community Room: 2821 Heather St. Drop-in $17 space permitting. Drop-in fees are paid that evening at Douglas Park Community Centre or over the telephone only.

Jennifer Rowbotham
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