Relaxation Techniques with Rossana

Rossana Mariezcurrena
August 12, 2024
August 19, 2024
06:30 PM
08:30 PM
Heather Room at *Douglas Park Community Centre
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Come and learn this relaxation technique that can be used in everyday life. We can become more aware of signs of stress so we can reduce them before sickness comes. It helps coping with stressful situations, cravings for smoking, eating, sleeping problems, exam situations, improves focus of attention, it reduces shyness, skin problems due to stress, psoriasis, allergies and negative emotions due to unpleasant situations. It is a very practical technique easy to put into practice on the spot.Bring mat, blanket to lie on and cover up in case you feel cold and a voice recording device.

Rossana Mariezcurrena
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