Watercolours for the Scared Stiff

Divinity Chan
January 20, 2022
March 24, 2022
06:30 PM
08:00 PM
Douglas Lounge at *Douglas Park Community Centre
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Art, Culture & Environment
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Love the look of watercolour and want to learn how artists do it? Beginners, join us as we build confidence in exploring the delicate nuances of this fluid media while completing different paintings each week. Learn about the basic tools and techniques in a relaxed environment where magic happens.Watercolor paints – tubes or box set – options to either purchase professional or student grade paints. Note: water-colour sets are cheaper than buying individual tubes and great alternative as you don’t need a lot of paint to begin with. Brand ‘Winsor and Newton’ 12 color travel set (sketcher?s pocket box) for example is under $30. Basic colors Blues – ultramarine blue, cobalt and ceruleanYellows – cadmium yellow light, lemon yellow and yellow ochreReds – alizarin crimson, cadmium red, and magentaEarth – burnt sienna, van dyke brown, and ivory blackNote: you don’t need all of these basic colors but a good overall collection will be good. I know not all sets have all the colors but enough to get started. With practice and experience some people will gradually start adding more colors depending on their preferences and subject matter. 1 – plastic palette (with several wells and mixing areas) or large porcelain plate – only needed if using water-colour paint from the tubesNote: If the box set comes with the plastic palette already no need to get another one. 1 – round medium or #10 water-colour brush – synthetic or natural bristles. synthetic bristles are cheaper1 – round small or #4 water color brush – synthetic or natural bristles1 – 1 inch flat water color brush – synthetic or natural bristles Watercolor paper – Arches 22?x30? sheets or water-colour paper padsArches brand or any brand with min 50% cotton content – cold press 100% 140 or 300 lb 20?x30″ (each large sheet cut into six). With around 30-42 small sheets, this will allow three-four sheets per class session. AND/ORwater-colour paper pads (12 sheets each pad) – cold press recommend Arches 9?x12? or any brand with min. 50% cotton content. Will need about 3 watercolor pads*** If you do run out of watercolor paper I will have Arches watercolor paper on hand available for purchase.***optional: student quality watercolor paper like Strathmore or Canson can be used for practicing techniques before painting on Arches paper. You will notice a large difference in your paintings between student and artist watercolor papers. paper towels / rags1 roll – masking tape / green painter’s tape 2 – painting board – either cardboard or cor-plast (plastic sign material form the hardware store) approx minimum size 11?x14? size 2 – water containers (washes and washing paint off brushes) these can be yogurt containers, plastic cups etc?.1- hair dryer1 – magic eraser like Mr. Clean magic eraser or Scotch Brite Erasing Pad or similar1- sponge – synthetic or sea spongeThings like masking tape, sponge, water containers, painting board, paper towels/rag can be purchased from the dollar store for those who are on a budget.

Divinity Chan