Douglas Park Preschool

Douglas Park Preschool strives to provide high quality, affordable and accessible child care to all children and families. The Douglas Park Preschool classes provide children with an environment that fosters a well-rounded social, learning, experience in a fun and safe space. Our enthusiastic, caring, ECE Licensed Professionals provide a warm, nurturing environment for children to play, learn and grow in.

The preschool program follows an Emergent Curriculum philosophy, it is play-based with programming initiated by the children’s interests.
The program encourages exploration and creativity in a fun, stimulating environment through, art, music, dramatic/creative play and outdoor play. Other skills children will learn through social play within the classroom are math, science, creativity, literacy and language and problem solving. These skills are learned in the block area, at circle time, at free art and free play time.

 2021/2022 PROGRAM FEES and TIMES 


Orca 3AM $220/month

Orca 4AM $315/month

Orca 3/4 Split PM $265/month

Unicorn 3AM $380/month

Unicorn 4PM $435/month



For more information, Contact Rosie, Licensed Child Care Coordinator at 604-257-8134 or [email protected] for information on Licensed Preschool and School Age Care

Virtual Open House

As we will not be able to host an open house this year, we have created a blog to share everything we would have shared at our open house. The blog will provide you a sneak peak into the classroom, have you “meet” the teachers, inform you of our philosophy and provide you with class days, times, and fees.


Licensed Preschool 2021-2022 Registration

Registration is ONLINE only on March 10th, 2021 at 7pm.

This registration is for 3 year old spaces (born 2018) and any remaining 4 year old spaces(born 2017).
Details for class times, fees and other details about our preschool will be posted on this website in the next couple of weeks.

Public Sibling Priority Registration

Are you a family that has had a child attend our preschool in previous years, our public sibling priority will be via email (instead of in person-due to covid).
Please email [email protected] on February 22nd or 23rd to request a sibling priority form. You will then be emailed a form that will need to be sent back by February 25th.
Any emails forms received after Feb 25th will not be accepted and you will need to register with the public on March 10th.
*internal registrations for our 3 year olds registering for 4 year old spaces and current family sibling priority will be complete before the above listed dates.