With spring blossoms lining our streets and encouraging news about many of our friends and neighbours getting the vaccine, it’s tempting to dream of a normal summer at Douglas Park, complete with the wading pool and concerts in the park.

Although we all can look forward to a happy and sociable summer with more opportunities to see our neighbours, friends and family at Douglas Park, we will not be able – quite yet – to return to business as usual in terms of filling and staffing the wading pool and hosting concerts in the park.

We want to explain why.

Running the wading pool and hosting concerts in the park requires extensive advance planning and financial commitments by the Douglas Park Community Association. The process of budgeting for, recruiting, and training staff to run the wading pool starts many months before the summer and would normally be well under way by spring break.

Despite recent easing of restrictions for outdoor gatherings, right now during the third wave of Covid, we cannot know with any degree of certainty what the summer will look like.

Although we hope that restrictions will continue to ease, there is no way to know if they will ease enough to allow us to offer the wading pool. Our finances do not allow us to make commitments to hire wading pool staff without being reasonably confident that we can offer the service.

Same goes for concerts in the park; by spring break our programming staff would normally be well on their way to lining up the entertainment. Although we hope for continued easing of restrictions, we just do not know whether such events will be permitted in summer.

And so we have made the difficult decision that we cannot make plans to host the wading pool or concerts in the park this summer. That said, we will be hosting other family friendly and fun events at Douglas Park and we ask you to stay posted to this site as we finalize and post our plans.

In the meantime, we welcome your ideas for fun and safe events and we are always interested in your feedback on our programming.

Email us at dpca@vancouver.ca.